Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thanksgiving at the Ranch

Beautiful, Yummy, Memorable!

Family Pictures!
Keri took these amazing pictures. It was 20 degrees!!

Tait was doing the "Vector" dance from Despicable Me. After posting this picture of Facebook, a friend commented, "with both direction and magnitude". It made me laugh so hard!! Love these kiddos!!

Bret was doing some 'potty talk' to get the boys smiling

A picture to show how tall Anders has gotten. Has he passed his dad yet? It's VERY close!

Finn's 7th Birthday

Finn wanted to go to Panda Express for his birthday!! IT was number 1 on his idea of a perfect birthday!! We went and he talked about it for days-EASY!!

He was so grateful and we had a fun, fun night!!


I need to get pictures off my phone (it's a long story why this is difficult). Here are a couple of Halloween pictures. It was a beautiful, WARM night!!

Cute Friends


I can't figure out why we don't have a picture of Hans birthday cake. I think my batteries in my camera died and my dad has pictures. I will post more later when my dad gets me those. My boys had just finished watching shark week and Hans was infatuated with sharks. We made his cake-water frosting and sharks all over the cake, including a man in a boat (you know where this is going). It made me laugh!! Hans is a funny kid-and scares me a bit!
Finn's 1st day of kindergarten!!

First football game of the season! Love this!!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Scroll Down Through Moab!!

I just realized that I was so behind that some of my new posts are on a second page. Please be sure to click on older posts. There are some pictures of Anders trip to Moab and repelling a 150 foot arch!!! That's not one to be missed!!!


I can't believe Anders is 16!!! He had a BBQ with his friend Brian who also turned 16 at the end of July and lots of friends. It was so much fun. At grandma and grandpa's the next night, Anders received lots of thoughtful presents centered around his favorite thing to do-Mountain Biking!!! New shock, handlebars, stem for his handlebars, gloves, magazine subscription. A highlight was the personalized wrapping paper from Joseph and uncle Brett with mountain biking scenes. Wish I had pictures of Anders BBQ but we were worried about the thunder storms that were threatening. I hope he felt how much we love him and how grateful I am for a kind, conscientious, well-mannered, hard-working, respectful son. (I could have easily kept going)

Mountain Biking with Grandpa

Sundance, Utah There couldn't be a more beautiful setting to bike!!

Boating at Deercreek with the Hatchers

4th of July

Feeding Chickens (and scratching mosquito bites)
"I see the gate first!!"
Retiring the old flag
Unfurling the New

Family Hike to the 'Big Tree'

Thayne Parade

All the participants in the parade threw candy. The kids ran to grab it. So fun to watch the competition and the sharing.

Everyone needs to spend at least one 4th of July in a small town. There's nothing like it!!


Is it a surprise this pool lasted 2 days??

Cousins Working Together at the Ranch

Garrett and Anders went to the ranch to work for grandma and grandpa. It was nice to get an email from grandma telling us what great hardworking boys they are. We agree!!